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Welcome to the Crystal Meth Anonymous, Online Store with secure Credit Card processing from PayPal.

Our book Crystal Clear: Stories of Hope is now available with direct shipping from the printer, and may be ordered at:

To pay using a credit card - choose PayPal as the payment method, when the shopping cart sends you to the PayPal screen look at the bottom of the page for the link that says "Pay without a PayPal account" and choose that link to get to the credit card entry screens.

Please note, check or money order payments must be forwarded from our PO Box to the treasurer, then deposited and cleared before your order will ship. This typically adds 10-15 business days to your order fulfillment. If you are in hurry, use a credit or debit card or PayPal, as these orders will ship in the next batch.

Our mailing address is: CMA General Services 4470 W Sunset Blvd Ste 107 - Box 555 Los Angeles CA 90027-6302

Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to "CMA", or "Crystal Meth Anonymous."

PLEASE include a note saying something like "This money order is in payment of a chip order placed by Natasha B, from Kalamazoo, MI, around June 12th. Better yet, give us the order number or best of all include a printout of your order. If a money order arrives without clear documentation it may be processed as a seventh tradition donation, and your chip order will be delayed by weeks or even months. Please include as much info as possible with your order payment!

Credit / Debit Cards or PayPal are by far the fastest way to pay for your orders. PayPal orders generally ship within one or two business days - while money orders can take weeks, and even longer if they arrive with poor documentation. PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to change shipping methods based on deliverability, speed, or other factors, and that our shipping charges include a handling fee, and will not match the actual postage on your order.

Thanks, Will H. (CMA Fulfillment Coordinator)